I’m Lorna Wilson

Advanced Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Author & Mentor

If it is time to resolve your past, release family patterns, heal health problems or find meaning and purpose in your life, then you will benefit from one of my sessions.

I’ll help you build your inner bridges to the multidimensional potentiality that is available to all of us.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a superior technique that works at the quantum or subatomic depth of consciousness and initiates an awakening of self-discovery and is a direct exploration into the mysteries of your life.

Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy deals with the past – whether from this lifetime or ‘beyond’ your current life. Regressing back into your subconscious history can be quite profound and healing, leading you to find meaning and purpose in your life.

Shamanic Journey

During a Shamanic Journey, you are guided into your subconscious mind to resolve issues, heal past trauma, repair relationships with yourself and others, and reintegrate your authentic self.

Spiritual Counseling

All counseling sessions include interactive techniques to free the self. The part of yourself that holds your greatest fear is the part of you that holds your greatest source of power. Once your past is understood, you no longer have to be a victim of your personal history.

Life Coaching

If you ever feel that your life should be better than it is, or that you want to have more control over the way your future develops, then Life Coaching can help you achieve what you most desire and can show you how to tap into and enjoy developing your full potential.

Not sure what session is best for you?

It can be hard to decide on the best session for your particular situation, so if you're unsure about which to choose, send me a message saying what you would like help with and I'll advise you on what's best for you.

About Lorna

After spending a very successful 25 years in the fashion industry, I moved into the therapeutic fields and trained in a variety of modalities to assist others in personal growth. My approach to your session is quite similar to the skills I used as a PR executive, except now I am devoted to assisting the individual – you – become the person you really know yourself to be.

I am a deeply spiritual woman with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the mind. I am very optimistic and always choose to see the brighter perspectives presented within our life stories. As far as I’m concerned, a glass is never half empty but always half full! I love to inspire and to be inspired and my goal and passion are to provide the sacred space where you can explore your subconscious mind.


I just wanted to tell you that this week has been absolutely incredible – life-changing. Through working with you I have realized that there is nothing I can’t overcome and that has maybe been the greatest gift of my life. THANK YOU! Seriously.

LG, Germany

It’s been just over a week and I’m gradually seeing how the session has created a deeper level of insight into my life and habitual patterning. I’m excited to see how it will evolve. It was clearly a deep, powerful and transformational experience. 

Thanks again for a wonderful session.


My Books

Quantum SHIFT

This book combines shamanism with inner trance states to release blockages, restore fragmented suppressed energy, or interact with past life exploration to make transformative lasting changes.

Healing Journeys

Healing Journeys through Quantum Realities encompasses vibrational energy healing, cognitive behavioural change, soul retrieval, remote viewing, past life regression, shamanism, channeling, out-of-body experiences, and every type of inner self-exploration.

SHIFT Online Course

Lorna Wilson's Online Training

SHIFT: Shamanic Hypnosis Integration of Fragments Technique.

If you’re a hypnotherapist, work with complementary therapies, or are simply interested in consciousness exploration and the potential for permanent healing, this course is for you.

Plus you can join our practitioner membership forum and network with other practitioners to develop your skills and add to your portfolio of services.

My Blog

Some thoughts and QHHT

Anna shares her thoughts in a forum after having a Quantum Healing session with me:I did one QHHT session and I wanted to share some thoughts from the sessions. A lot of interesting information came up including past lives, soul purpose,...

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