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Lorna Wilson, Advanced Hypnotherapist,

Shamanic Practitioner, Author & Mentor



5 Mindsets that Prevent Hypnosis:

Posted by Lorna Wilson on March 14, 2019 at 4:00 AM
Here s a brief summary of the 5 Mindsets that Prevent Hypnosis:


1) Prove it to me attitude. No one can hypnotize you against your free will. So, if you want to challenge the hypnotist and say, I bet you can't hypnotize me, guess what? You'll be right.


2) Control - some people have a natural tendency to need to be "in control". You're not giving away your control by choosing to allow someone to guide you into hypnosis. You're letting go and allowing it to happen, but you'll always be aware and able to stop the process.


3) Analyzing - again here's something people have a natural tendency to do is second guess everything that is happening. No need to think and worry about whether you are doing it right or in hypnosis.


4) Trying too hard - some people TRY to achieve a state that they THINK is hypnosis. If you try too hard, you'll end up just being frustrated in the end and not allowing the natural effects to occur.


5) No Motivation - you need to have some idea of what OUTCOME you want to achieve as a result of going into hypnosis. Even if it's just to feel the effects of relaxation. But, if you don't want to be hypnotized and have no motivation for it, it's likely not going to happen.


The best thing you can do is simply enjoy the process. Let go!

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