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There is no ‘Afterlife’ There is only life.

There is no 'Afterlife' There is only life.We will get a much better understanding of what happens when we die the moment we begin to accept the reality that there is no such thing as an “Afterlife” because there can only be life. By maintaining our love we begin to...

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Some thoughts and QHHT

Anna shares her thoughts in a forum after having a Quantum Healing session with me:I did one QHHT session and I wanted to share some thoughts from the sessions. A lot of interesting information came up including past lives, soul purpose, relationships, spiritual...

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Surrogate Healing

Either another trained therapist or someone who is mentally and emotionally close to the client can become a Surrogate. The Surrogate “becomes” the client and participates in the healing process through the subconscious mind. When the connection is felt through the...

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QHHT: 1, 2, and 3 practitioners explained

Sometimes a practitioner who may be a fully trained psychiatrist, doctor, psychotherapist, etc. just only took level one so may have more hypnotherapy skills than a level 2 etc. who has no therapy background outside of learning the technique. In that case, a level 1...

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QUIZ: How is your Emotional Pain-Body?

In Eckhart Tolle’s opinion, emotion is the body’s reaction to a certain idea, to the mental interpretation of a specific or imaginary situation. The ideas generating emotional reactions are often pre-verbal, that is, they remain unspoken or even unconscious, and they...

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Lucky Symbol of the Month: The Dove

As Featured in Spirit & Destiny Magazine Jan. 2019 issue Welcome peace into your life with this month’s specially charged symbol from Quantum Healer Lorna Wilson ‘The dove is a universal, classical symbol. In all cultures, it represents peace, the feminine, and...

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