Quantum Shift Healing the Fragmented Soul Book Cover

Shamanic Hypnosis, the Integration of Fragments Technique (SHIFT)

SHIFT is a fast effective way to initiate rapid permanent change through soul retrieval primarily. There are other benefits and techniques that I’ll demonstrate that can ensure soul healing when combined with Quantum Healing or Past Life Regression sessions.

This book combines shamanism with inner trance states to release blockages, restore fragmented suppressed energy, or interact with past life exploration to make transformative lasting changes. This is not only a handbook for hypnotherapists but will also benefit anyone interested in consciousness exploration or the potential of permanent healing.

Shamanism understands that within the inner worlds everything is both conscious and interactive; it accepts that the physical world interacts with the non-physical, spiritual ones and that those realities can be communicated within real-time. Without any shamanic training, the average individual can access their own unconscious beliefs that are wired into the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Trauma can be released to restore wholeness, or qualities and skills can be integrated from the soul’s vast pool of experiences. Through inner explorations, we can access information that is beneficial for gaining a far deeper awareness and connection to our own energy streams and stories. We can activate or deactivate energy patterns or change things into what we know, or can feel, is the right thing to do to enhance the quality of our life and our wellbeing.

Healing Journeys through quantum realities book cover

Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities

As we change genetic patterns we move into a new era of self-revelation and healing past trauma. Healing Journeys through Quantum Realities encompasses vibrational energy healing, cognitive behavioural change, soul retrieval, remote viewing, past life regression, shamanism, channeling, out-of-body experiences, and every type of inner self-exploration.

Our outer waking awareness is primarily focused on our external everyday life or the surface layers of our consciousness, while our inner non-ordinary states of consciousness are comprised of an intuitive knowing expressed through our spiritual or higher states of consciousness. As more discoveries are made about the cosmos and our connection with it, science fiction is eventually becoming a reality that more of us can readily accept.

If you only ever purchase one book about Quantum Realities and Hypnotherapy, make sure it is this one. Lorna collates all the threads of techniques, possibilities, learning from those possibilities, with her innate sense of kindness, wisdom and complete non-judgement. So many of us have struggled for years trying to do this incredible work, with limitations of techniques, knowledge and understanding. Lorna lays it all out for you in concise, interesting and fascinating simplicity. The case studies and the understandings thereof are worth buying the book on its own, but within its pages are so many helpful insights into just how far this work can take you if you emulate her open-minded guidance.

An absolute must have for anyone who wants to work or just explore the world of Quantum realities.

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