During your hypnosis session the more you allow yourself to relax the greater depth of information you will be able to access. Have a look at the following information to have a better understanding of why this is important:

In a nutshell, there are five major brain wave ranges: Beta (12-30Hz) is present in normal waking consciousness and is heightened during times of stress; the Alpha brain wave (7.5-14Hz) in deep relaxation; Theta (4-7.5Hz) in meditation and light sleep; and the slowest, Delta (0.5-4Hz) in deep dreamless sleep and transcendental meditation. The less recognised Gamma is fastest (above 40Hz) and associated with sudden insight. The optimal level for visualization is the Alpha-Theta Border at 7-8Hz. It is the gateway to your subconscious mind.


Inducing Higher Intelligence and Heightened Senses with Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma Brain Waves Infographic

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