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Professional Certified Life Coaching

A Life Coach is a supportive, professionally trained guide who assists you in clarifying your vision for the goals you want to achieve. We urge excellence and empower you through an integrative professional approach to accomplish your goals, dreams, and aims.

As your coach, I am committed to inspire, energize, and facilitate your progression forward to achieve your desired outcomes. This covers all areas of your life to achieve balance and stability by providing clear, constructive, and positive feedback and support. In my past role as Public Relations Executive, I have learned how to help others build and actualize their dreams and goals.

Not only do I help you identify your goals, but I motivate you in a non-judgmental way as your goals become mine, and ours is a collaborative endeavor. Coaching is non-directive as I allow you to be the one that sits in the driver’s seat. Life coaching is not therapy and there is no focus on the past as we begin success from this present moment.

You will always be the one in the driver’s seat, determining your own priorities, after all, you know best what is important to you, and my role is to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching is focused in the present time and moves towards future goals. You will gain greater personal growth, empowerment, and increased self-awareness. Life coaching is about results results results and only that.

Coaching sessions are available by phone, Skype/Zoom, or email, so your location or country is irrelevant.

Why Life Coaching?

If you ever feel that your life should be better than it is, or that you want to have more control over the way your future develops, then Life Coaching could be the means by which you obtain that which you most desire.

Every human being has the potential to achieve almost anything they want out of life, and a Life Coach can show you how to tap into and enjoy developing your full potential.

The very first coaching session you have will introduce you to new ways of thinking about yourself and your life and will provide an insight as to how you can overcome those obstacles that you feel are holding you back.

Guidelines for Effective Coaching

  • Be open-minded and willing to change your perspectives
  • Be willing to become more self-aware
  • Use the coaching sessions to discuss current priorities towards your goals
  • Take time with your self to reflect and contemplate
  • Be willing to listen to your intuition and act on it
  • Be committed to your goals and complete the desired actions to accomplish them

Duration and Price

The first session last for 1.5 hours and is £150.

All follow-up sessions are £100.

When you click the button below, a new tab will open to take you to my scheduler where you can select a first or follow-up session.

If at any point you think Life Coaching is not working for you, simply say so for a proportional refund of all unused monies paid in advance.

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