As Featured in Spirit & Destiny Magazine Jan. 2019 issue

Welcome peace into your life with this month’s specially charged symbol from Quantum Healer Lorna Wilson

‘The dove is a universal, classical symbol. In all cultures, it represents peace, the feminine, and our connection to the earth. It is very much a nurturing, maternal, balancing, peaceful symbol that focuses on the energy of healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is about letting go of the old as you move into the new.

The dove also stands for wisdom. As you leave an old situation behind, you can take wisdom and knowledge from what has gone before as you move forward.

By communicating with the dove symbol, you are in fact communicating with the dove’s higher self and by extension with your own heart and higher consciousness.

If you have friends or family who need healing, the dove symbol is perfect for helping you bring peace to those you love.

As a feminine symbol, the dove comes from a place of heart, not mind, and enables you to wish the same peace you would desire for yourself for others.’

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