Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

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Is it time to resolve the past and release patterns that no longer serve you? Being trapped in the hurt and pain of your past limits the amount of energy available for your present.

Do you need to understand your life experiences and find meaning and purpose in your life?

Are you still affected by trauma or insecurities of any sort in your thoughts and feelings?

Are you curious about your soul’s history or habits?

Is it time to tell a different story about your life?

Regression Therapy deals with the past – whether from this lifetime or ‘beyond’ your current life. Your birth process can also influence your emotions which will then have an unconscious effect on your personality. Regressing back into your subconscious history can be quite profound and healing.

You can be regressed back to the original cause of any issues or uncomfortable problems in your current life to regain the energy that has become suppressed. When we suppress feeling by thinking ‘it doesn’t matter’, we fragment and lose some of our natural ability to love life and be comfortable ‘in our own skin’. Children in particular are not resilient as we are led to believe, instead, they fragment. This is called soul loss and your subconscious knows where you dissociated or disconnected from your life force energy and how to restore it as you release false beliefs about yourself or life. It’s incorporated into past life regression in case the root cause is from a past lifetime pattern or original event.

Past Life Regression therapy is used primarily to understand more about ourselves, our relationships with others, phobias, to revisit past or dream events, and a myriad of other reasons. Past lives can be fun and helpful, and a great way to access our authentic spiritual essence. To incorporate the total self holistically we must include these spiritual aspects as well, because as humans we operate and exist on multidimensional levels, with very little conscious awareness of how our unconscious affects us.

The diagram above I use with clients to give them an idea of the soul and its many aspects, or what we think of as past, parallel or future lives. Imagine the soul represented as the sun, with rays shining out from it. Each ray represents an aspect of the soul, and a variety of aspects can inhabit different positions on the same ray, representing a branching out to even more possible dimensions and realities. Through an extended awareness by going inwards towards the center, we can connect spiritually with those other rays or streams of self-awareness.

As they allow themselves to enter deep relaxation through an expansion in consciousness, they tap into the soul’s pool of all knowledge. They access the other lifetimes that will feel personal to them, as at some level all of their soul’s experiences are personal and belong to all aspects. Some lifetimes more than others are directly influencing aspects of their other lives.

Soul Aspects

Imagine an octopus with its many tentacles all extended outwards, sensing in different directions as it explores the world around it. Each tentacle remains connected to the main body, although each has no awareness of the others. They may come into contact with one another, which is often viewed as a different entity. Then when the tentacles are pulled back into the body, they bring back their individualised conscious awareness, merging into the collective consciousness of the whole body system, and in return are able to access the totality of all other aspects of self.

Likewise, we often meet our past life selves during a session and view them as independent individuals that appear to be completely separate entities.

When we expand our consciousness inwards we access other aspects that are relevant to our current energy system.

When we point the light of conscious awareness within, we can access and ‘live’ the experiences of these other aspects in the present moment, which in reality are a part of our collective self.

Soul Loss and Fragmentation

Sometimes emotional pieces of us become compartmentalised, ‘lost’, split off or stuck in a past life, not realising that it has transitioned through death and needs to be integrated. Soul loss often occurs as an unconscious coping mechanism when we experience fearful feelings deeply burying or compartmentalising them after we have suffered some type of trauma. It is imagined as a fragmentation of the soul’s otherwise available energy. This depletion of energy can eventually become the cause of physical, psychic, or emotional issues or ailments.

Soul Retrieval & Reintegration Back to Wholeness

Sometimes our past issues do not reside in a past life but in the past of our current life. Perhaps in our childhood or younger adult years. Whenever emotional or physical trauma occurs to us in childhood, we suppress our feelings causing us to fragment or dissociate as an unconscious way of enabling us to continue our lives as if nothing bothers us. This is why children are said to be resilient.

This soul loss does impact us in many ways, causing us to feel sensitive to certain patterns, themes, food, places, or things, and can cause us to have emotional triggers that we don’t understand. This can leave a feeling of ‘something missing’ for us, or ‘an emptiness inside’.

This is known as soul loss from a shamanic perspective. It does, however, allow us to be able to survive the ordeal and continue functioning. These issues don’t have to be highly dramatic as something as simple as our parents divorcing can cause us to feel a loss.

People, who have undergone surgery or have addictive behaviors, also benefit from soul retrieval, as well as those suffering any form of abuse or pain.

Your regression session allows you to reintegrate all of your life forces to enable you to regain a natural connection to the beauty and joy in life or relationships, not just with yourself but with any significant others in your life. Without the totality of your natural lifeforce it is difficult to be grounded, fully self-aware, and personally empowered. Your subconscious knows where you have lost energy through a disconnection, as well as the circumstances and the beliefs that became hardwired into our brain as a self-belief.

Meeting Aspects of Self

Author and lecturer Bruce Moen describes the soul retrieval of Joshua, a story recounted in his first book, Voyages Into The Unknown. Joshua was one of Moen’s past lives, although he uses the term ‘an aspect of self’ as a more accurate label.

Joshua died thousands of years ago from an infection caused by a spear wound to his liver and had been stuck in the spirit world ever since. After Joshua’s retrieval, all symptoms of a rare inflammatory disease, sarcoidosis, (a disease with no known cause nor cure) eventually disappeared from Moen’s liver in his present lifetime.

In this book, he also describes what he and Robert Monroe call a ‘disc,’ which is what or where all soul aspects originate or are connected to.

Bruce Moen:

Inner Communication and Intuition

Humans are constructed to be influenced by other aspects, to rebalance energies or karma, to learn and grow in particular ways, and for a myriad of other reasons.

Our existence is an accumulation of our thoughts and beliefs, which form emotionally driven perceptions that have their own stories.

This influence plays out in the physical world as an individual ego, but the total self communicates with all aspects, even if they are not aware of each other. This inner communication comes through intuition, synchronicity, dreams, and downloads of knowing and guidance.

The above is taken from Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities: The Handbook

Duration and Price

Past Life Regression Session, online or in-person: £299 (approximately 2.5 hours).

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