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Lorna Wilson’s Online Training and the SHIFT Community Forum

I’ve created an online course that combines shamanic techniques to release blockages, restore fragmented suppressed energy, resolve, life and health issues, heal mind/body/spirit, interact with past life soul aspects to make transformative, healing changes and so much more.
This course is not only for hypnotherapists but it will also benefit anyone working with complementary therapies, or who is simply interested in consciousness exploration and the potential for permanent healing.

I’ve also created a practitioner community forum, which is a must for anyone who is committed to continuous learning and growth in order to develop their practice and benefit their clients. When you join the community you will get a FREE bonus course. Details below.

I have completed the Quantum SHIFT course. This was an amazing course. I learned so much using the breath and helping the client bring in that awareness as they move deeper inward to mend fragmented parts. The healing opportunities from using this technique is vast and limitless. Thanks again Lorna Wilson for all the guidance, mentoring, and encouragement. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. ~ G B-K

This is so beautifully explained, Lorna.

The shamanic perspective has added to my practice exponentially. ~ H G

Quantum SHIFT online course

SHIFT: Shamanic Hypnosis Integration of Fragments Technique

There are many benefits of learning Shamanic Techniques for your healing practice.

This online course combines shamanism with hypnotic inner trance states to release blockages, restore fragmented suppressed energy, interact with past life soul aspects to make transformative, healing changes. This is not only a course for hypnotherapists but will also benefit anyone interested in consciousness exploration or the potential of permanent healing.

SHIFT Community Forum

Join the SHIFT Community Forum 

As a member, you will get exclusive access to discussion forums, exclusive video content, interactive video Q&As, and other webinars and meetups plus 24/7 access to exclusive training videos.

PLUS, when you join you’ll get a FREE bonus course – Merging Shamanism With Hypnotherapy, to add to your portfolio of services.

Merging Shamanism With Hypnotherapy

In this FREE bonus course, you’ll learn how to facilitate a session to help clients resolve their issues by going to the source of them;

~ How to conduct the pre-talk interview with the client to set the stage for change;

~ How to facilitate the clients own inner journey enabling access for self-healing or resolutions;

~ How to communicate and interact with the subconscious mind.

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