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Lorna Wilson, Advanced Hypnotherapist,

Shamanic Practitioner, Author & Mentor

SHIFT: Shamanic Hypnosis Integration of Fragments Technique

Shamanic techniques can be incorporated into all sessions as they are a profound way to initiate immediate and lasting changes. 

Soul retrieval can provide a way to restore suppressed or rejected feelings that may have become frozen in time or stuck in the past within an original event, cause, or story that we may have told ourselves (about ourselves or others) during that event. We may have come to believe certain things that simply were not true; things that caused us to create negative or self-limiting beliefs about ourselves.  

Repressed memories occur when there is something that our subconscious mind needs – or feels it needs – to protect us from, such as traumatic experiences. When our body and mind are relaxed in a safe surrounding or we are in a good place in our life, those memories will surface, or the feelings of discomfort may be triggered by external circumstances. Sometimes people push them back down, but in the protective space of our inner thoughts, they can be brought to the surface for healing. Sometimes exposing our deepest fears to others can create fearful feelings of rejection. However, with the techniques I’ll share, there is no need to communicate out loud what can be felt by accessing the memories that the body holds. The conscious interaction between the conscious mind and the subconscious is all that is needed. 

Healing Your Inner World

Lorna enjoys helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives.  As far as Lorna is concerned, a glass is never half empty but always half full! She loves to inspire and to be inspired and her goal and passion are to provide a sacred space where people can explore their own multidimensional soul history to help them discover the real meaning of why they have incarnated at this incredible time in Earth's history.