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Lorna Wilson, Advanced Hypnotherapist,

Shamanic Practitioner, Author & Mentor

‘There is a spiritual solution to every problem’- Dr Wayne Dyer

All counselling sessions include inter-active techniques to free the self. The part of yourself that holds your greatest fear is the part of you that holds your greatest source of power. Life is designed of experiences that have to be reframed, and understood by you. I help you to do that through counselling in a variety of areas such as issues pertaining to abuse, growing up within a 'dysfunctional' environment, resolving and integrating the past, with the aim of enabling your personal empowerment through making sense of any family pattern or themes that have a subconscious effect on your life. Anything that robs you of your power causes imbalances that create emotional stress and limits our feelings of well being. The past can be understand, and we no longer have to be victims of our personal history.

Quantum physics is proving that everything is energy, that everything has a vibrational frequency, and that our thoughts are expressed as an energetic stimuli inside the brain, yet still consciousness itself does not need the brain and is active even when the brain is dead. Our brain cells, or neurons, communicate with each other through electrical signals, which are measurable as brain wave patterns. Our body is primarily water, which is very significant for efficient brain activity and the production of neurotransmission. From the research and water experiments of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto we discover that the power of our thoughts can affect the quality of water, creating molecular changes in its structure and harmonics. We can take this a step further, applying this to the physical body and imagine how the potential of our thoughts will impact its structure. We can literally and authentically change our feelings by changing our minds—our thoughts. Not only do our thoughts affect our feelings, but our feelings determine the quality of our thoughts. Our feelings are often stimulated by external things that happen to us and our perception of them, what others say or do, or how we would have liked the outcome of particular situations to have been. Our thoughts are what we base those perceptions or ‘memories’ on, even though we often confuse the two by thinking that our feelings stem from our thoughts, which they can as we create our internal repetitive dialogue. The paradox is that we can have feelings that are not founded on our thoughts, but on our beliefs about our feelings. Our body, however, remembers everything accurately and a bridge can be used to access the stories that are held within its cellular structure. New neural pathways, literally the physical matrix of thought patterns, are created by the new insights experienced during the process of hypnosis. The witnessing consciousness has a new discovery. The body changes accordingly. These changes move the mind and body beyond old comfort zones, into an expanded awareness and an increased vibrational frequency, freeing the mind from the past and creating an evolution in self-awareness. These changes are the natural outcome of any inner exploration. It is an easy way to gain insight painlessly and effect immediate and lasting changes.

New methods of scientific discoveries of consciousness, which are constantly being discovered, still only barely touch the surface of our true human potential or capabilities. Deeper personal exploration is up to us, the individual, to enable our own personal growth as we continue to evolve in self-understanding. There is a sense that the entirety of the self contains vast potential, potential we are hardly aware of, and in many ways we can barely imagine. Something, however, nudges us from deep within, making us yearn for greater self-awareness. Our longing for a more personal, direct connection with who we are, with clarity of our life’s purpose, with increased self-knowledge—this longing itself fuels our transformational experiences. Any external searching for answers eventually leads us to look deeply within, to resolve personal conflicts, to embrace ourselves beyond inner conflict and self-doubt.

We are led into ever-unfolding layers of insight into our emotional conflicts and ever-evolving expansions and deepening of self-compassion. Through journeying into quantum realities we can eventually move beyond all concepts, thoughts, and ideas, into a direct experience of our spiritual essence, into a direct experience of the fundamental and ultimately indestructible wholeness of the soul. When we discover other parts of ourselves we benefit by integrating their skills and insights as we become more consciously aware.

Spiritual Counselling Fees:

The first session last for 1.5 hours and is £100.

All follow up sessions are £80.

I offer a complimentary 20 min consultation where we can discuss your goals and aims in detail, and set the foundation for your success in achieving them. 

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