Either another trained therapist or someone who is mentally and emotionally close to the client can become a Surrogate. The Surrogate “becomes” the client and participates in the healing process through the subconscious mind. When the connection is felt through the subconscious space the Surrogate feels the client’s feelings, remembers important incidents, and tunes into root causes of traumas and blocks.

Though clients are physically not present during this “remote” work, they feel significant shifts in their energies. They not only feel differently about themselves, for the better, but people around them also sense this shift and start responding to them differently.

Surrogate Therapy works very well for young children, who need to heal past life traumas. It is also used effectively for the old and infirm, and for people who cannot travel for physical, emotional or medical reasons.

Sabari Chakraborty

A surrogate person is used in hypnosis with clients who are not able to comprehend for themselves, e.g severely mentally challenged patients, animals, children, very ill people etc.

All energy is non-local fields of information or vibrational frequencies. A surrogate can access the information of others by energetically tapping into their energy fields. This is known in shamanism as ‘entering the landscape’ of another person. In a less deep way, we can enter the reality through the conscious mind feeling empathy and imagining ‘as if’ we were experiencing life through the filter of another. This form of empathy uses the mental subtle body, However, during hypnosis or any altered state, we can physically feel what the other feels. We do not possess them but we ‘see’ or view the world from their unique perspectives, by simply engaging with an energy duplicate of them. We do not transfer our energy in any way, we simply access the information that is held in their matrix or energy fields.

This is not what is involved in being a surrogate for another person. It is our consciousness that accesses their consciousness to find information pertaining to the questions asked. It is not our physical personality but our higher collective consciousness that is already connected to the totality of humanity.

When undergoing surrogate work we assist with healing through understanding what is occurring to the person on whose behalf we are helping. This is no different from using our state of consciousness to see through the eyes of another and is another form of remote spiritual healing.

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