There is no ‘Afterlife’ There is only life.

We will get a much better understanding of what happens when we die the moment we begin to accept the reality that there is no such thing as an “Afterlife” because there can only be life. By maintaining our love we begin to notice that the veil of what separates us from those close to us who have disappeared from our physical view becomes very thin indeed, as we notice that our love for them has not disappeared with their physical bodies. Their own focus of awareness may have shifted, but they are still the recipients of our love as we are of theirs and that is what keeps our connection alive. The moment we embrace love we are transcending the illusion of death.

Our problem and our suffering become apparent when we feel compelled to resort to evidence on this physical level which is always hard to come by. Instead, if we went inside for a few quiet moments, we can easily retrace our true connection to our loved ones via the heart. When this happens we will also begin to accept that death and the veil which separates us from our loved ones is very fragile indeed and an illusion and we simply begin to accept that there can only be life, which is continuous and whole, and any thought of an “Afterlife”, which is ”beyond” and separate from us, and that we can only wait and hope for our own death to be reunited with the ones we deem to have lost, becomes a hollow illusion too because we are already united.

Jurgen Ziewe

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