This eloquent description was given to my fellow QHHT practitioner Patrick Moulin:

“The human vessel is accessing information fields through resonance. You may call those fields higher dimensional information fields. They contain each a body of information and they are conscious as all is consciousness. As you are resonating with such a field and relay a question, your attention is on that field. The answers appear to you through hearing or in other ways. The beings that you may perceive in this context are manifestations related to a particular field, like wave or field and particle. The particular appearance of that manifestation or vibrational mode of consciousness is a translation done by your body-mind structure. It is relative to your cultural background and interests. Some may perceive an angel, others some ET embodiment while yet others may have more abstract notions.

It is a translation process to convey the answers and advice. Source is simply Source. Yet, there are vibrational modes of Source forming these information fields and with each there is information contained or you could call this ‘perspectives’.

Is this ‘outside’ of you? No. it is all you and you may call this your Higher Self or otherwise for your convenience. You are all that and you create all that as you are no different than Source.

To truly ascend means that you come to simply change your viewpoint or understanding of who you really are. A wave of love that is fully aware, that seemingly creates and unites by simply experiencing its own nature that is Source.”

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