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Our lives are filled with the stories we tell ourselves, and it may be time to tell yourself a different story. One that feels better, where you have gained wisdom from the many experiences that you’ve had.

I’m now offering SHIFT: sessions that are a Shamanic Healing Journey where YOU are guided into your subconscious mind to resolve issues, heal past trauma, repair relationships with yourself and others, and reintegrate your authentic self. The sessions are a natural organic way to self-heal, reconnect with happier times or restore suppressed life-force energy, allowing for a healthier state of well-being and personal empowerment.

You would benefit from this session if you feel like:

  • Something is missing or have a feeling of emptiness
  • Feeling stuck or blocked
  • Memory loss or brain fog
  • Loss of joy, or playfulness
  • Feeling powerless
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself or others
  • Feeling drained or depressed
  • Feeling anxious, or any emotional state that feels negative
  • Physical illness or discomfort

As the facilitator of your journey, I guide you to the source of what affects your body, mind, or spirit. If you are triggered by situations and do not know why then you’d benefit from soul retrieval to release any blocks, and remove anything that anchors you unconsciously to the past.

There’s is no need to verbalize your stories as your journey will be one of going within your own history which allows you a lot of privacy. You won’t need to share anything you are not comfortable speaking about. Simply by using your breath you can access the memories stored in the body. Repressed memories occur when there is something that our subconscious mind needs – or feels it needs – to protect us from, such as traumatic experiences.

Soul retrieval also reintegrates the joy of the natural child, the happiness, and the ability to express your creativity. These traits can be restored from our current or past life. If you currently lack the positive qualities or character traits you desire, they can be integrated from the vast storehouse of skills that your soul has already acquired.

Duration and Prices

Choose your session and click the button below. A new tab will open to take you to my scheduler.

A full SHIFT Shamanic Healing Session lasting 2 hours, covering a range of different topics or issues: £200.

A 45 min Shamanic Healing Session for resolving two issues: £110.

A 20 min Shamanic Healing Session for  resolving one issue: £75.

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